Energy & Climate Change: Comparing the Manifestos

Energy & Climate Change: Comparing the Manifestos

With the imminent UK 2024 General Election right around the corner, understanding the energy and climate change policies of the main parties is crucial for businesses and stakeholders.  

Jack Green-Morgan, Political Consultant for Energy, Climate and Utilities at Dods Political Intelligence provides an overview of each of the main parties’ commitments relating to energy and climate change, with a selection of stakeholder reactions.  

The Dods Political Intelligence report gives stakeholder insight into the three main parties' financial initiatives within their manifestos, covering:

  • Climate policies
  • Renewable energy
  • Fossil fuels
  • Nuclear energy
  • Energy efficiency and bills
  • Grid and energy infrastructure

To get access to the comprehensive guide to navigating the energy and climate policies of the 2024 General Election with Dods Political Intelligence, download the report today:

If you’d like to access all 12 Dods Political Intelligence manifesto summaries, subscribe to our UK Election package today:


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