Guide to Germany’s first National Water Strategy

“Water is the basis for all life.” 

So begins Germany’s first National Water Strategy which was agreed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet on 15 March 2023. 

While Germany has traditionally been blessed with an abundance of water, the growing impact of climate change and the ever-present risk of pollution have led the government to produce a long-term plan for managing the resource which is as vital to households in Europe’s largest economy as it is for farmers, the energy sector and industry. 

The strategy sets out 10 strategic goals, ranging from preventing shortages and  improving data, to protecting marine areas and raising awareness of the value of water as a vital resource, along with an action plan comprising 78 specific measures to be implemented up until 2050. While politicians and stakeholders have welcomed the ambition, scope, and timeliness of the strategy, some said the plan lacked detail in key

areas such as financing and timing.

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