The Labour Policy Roadmap – post-conference update

With a general election due by January 2025, Labour leader Keir Starmer and his shadow ministerial team have been gradually setting out the party’s policy plans to show it is a government in waiting. 

While gaps and detail remain, Labour has outlined ambitions and proposals across a broad range of areas, including the economy, energy, and health. However, the party has also rowed back on some pledges, mostly due to concerns about the impact on the public finances. That has drawn criticism from some of inconsistent policymaking and a lack of ambition. 

The uncertain economic outlook, with sluggish growth, elevated inflation and borrowing costs, and conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East, suggests some of Labour’s plans could evolve further or be dropped altogether before it unveils an election manifesto. Nevertheless, a picture is emerging of how a Labour government would run the country if voters hand Starmer the keys to Number 10 Downing Street. 

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This Dods Political Intelligence report provides an updated compilation of Labour’s pledges and ambitions across a range of policy areas following the party’s annual conference in Liverpool, based on party statements, speeches, and comments by Starmer and other senior Labour officials, and some media reports. Download the report now.

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