AI Regulation Webinar

September 14, 2023

Has the UK got the right balance between risk and reward?

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence promises to bring huge benefits to a wide range of sectors from health to commerce. However, with it comes complex ethical, social, and legal challenges that call for policymakers to find the right balance between the risks and rewards of the new technology as it develops. On Sept 14 Dods Political Intelligence hosted an online panel discussion on AI regulation with four top experts in the field:

  • Lord Clement-Jones, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI
  • Sana Khareghani, former Head of the UK Office for AI
  • Adriano Koshiyama, co-founder of AI start-up Holistic AI
  • Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance and Regulatory Intervention at The Alan Turing Institute
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UK AI Regulation Report
AI presents policymakers across the world with a challenge to ensure the technology flourishes in a safe and predictable way. The UK is aiming to establish a framework that enables existing regulators to manage the use of AI according to a set of guiding principles. To shed light on this fast-moving area of policy, Dods London-based digital consultant has produced the following report which sets out the regulatory approach in the UK, including stakeholder reactions, and a look ahead to expected next steps.


EU AI Regulation Report
European Union lawmakers are working to pass the world’s first comprehensive AI law, the AI Act, which promises to regulate the technology according to the risks its applications pose. There is broad agreement across the world on the risks the technology poses and the need to move quickly. Read our latest report setting out the regulatory approach to the EU.

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