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How does politics and policy making affect your interests? Not knowing wastes time and momentum. Get answers with Dods—the original intelligence service, founded in 1832. Get informed. Do big things.

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Our UK Election package has been launched.

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We know people, parliament and policy

The political landscape in the EU and UK generates lots of complex information. It’s hard to determine what is accurate, relevant and serving your interests. Dods Political Intelligence separates the signal from the noise. We draw on human connection, real-time analysis and our deep understanding of people, parliament and policy to bring you impartial insights that matter.

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Filter the noise.
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Leaders and change makers choose Dods Political Intelligence to get ahead. Achieve your objectives with targeted insights that help you:

  • make informed decisions and take decisive action
  • surface and solve problems
  • build relationships
  • develop your message and communicate it to key players
  • shape successful strategies
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Power your scope, strategy and momentum

Make a difference with a full-service suite that includes:

Insight with Dods Consultancy. Get tailored advice and talk to your own expert anytime

Intelligence with Dods Monitoring. Get timely and specific updates with unrivalled cross-sector coverage from over 13,000 sources across the UK, EU, France and Germany

Impact with Dods People. Get your message to the right audience with our comprehensive stakeholder management tool

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Our clients span multiple sectors including:











Public Sector

Foreign Affairs

Some of our consultants include:

Nick Winning

Nick Winning

Head of Content

Nicholas Winning is the Head of Content. Before Dods, he was the editor and press officer at the Centre for European Reform think tank and a journalist covering politics, economics, and financial news at the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. @nick_winning

Dean Sabri

Dean Sabri

Head of UK Political Intelligence

Dean Sabri is Head of UK Political Intelligence, focusing on health and social care policy and providing political insight to a range of sector bodies, charities, and healthcare providers. Before joining Dods, he worked for an NHS Trust and as a Senior Researcher in parliament focusing on health issues such as the screening age for bowel cancer. Dean also has experience in public sector procurement, having worked as a public sector analyst specialising in the health and social care sector. @Dean_Sabri

Meet our Consultants
Chris Ball

Chris Ball

Head of EU Political Intelligence

Christopher Ball is Head of EU Political Intelligence at Dods, focussing on Trade. During his time at Dods, he has worked on financial services, foreign affairs and the internal market. Prior to this, he worked in the European Parliament focussing on election observation.


Every organisation has different requirements, and our range of plans are designed to ensure you find the right one for you.


  • 13,000+ sources aggregated
  • Content tagging and categorisation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Powerful search function
  • Tailored real-time alerts


  • Dods briefings
  • Trackers and Agendas
  • 1 Policy area focus
  • Up to 2 user licences

Choose between UK and EU content


All Bronze features, plus:

  • Daily insights from policy experts, including:
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis
  • Trends
  • Breaking News


  • Basic Dods People Subscription
  • Up to 2 policy areas
  • Up to 5 user licences

Choose between UK and EU content


All Silver features, plus:

  • Dedicated policy consultant advice, tailored updates and research
  • PR Distribution channel
  • Premium Dods People Subscription
  • Up to 3 policy areas
  • Additional features as add-ons, such as multiple regions and additional policy areas

Choose between UK and EU content

Dods People

A comprehensive and up-to-date directory and stakeholder management platform of 25,000+ decision makers and influencers across the European Union and the UK. Can be licensed as a whole package or in subsets:

  • UK Political
  • UK Civil Service
  • EU Institutions
  • EU Public Affairs

Regional EU Monitoring

Real time alerts, daily updates, weekly lookaheads, trackers, sector bulletins, bespoke research


Covering French Parliament, Public Agencies, Government, NGOs, Think Tanks and Political Parties


Covering Bundestag, Bundesrat, Federal Ministries, Political Parties, Trade Associations, NGOs, Corporations

Our latest Research

Les élections législatives 2024 en France: Décryptage et perspectives

Réalisée par Dods France, cette analyse examine les résultats des élections législatives en France au lendemain du second tour du 7 juillet 2024.

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Starmer’s First Cabinet

Discover the key appointments in Keir Starmer's first cabinet. Download our comprehensive report for insights from our Dods Political Intelligence analysts.

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Labour’s First 100 Days

The race is over, but for Labour, the hard part begins now. Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer’s campaign emphasised the scale of the challenge the country faces in many sectors and how urgently change is needed. Now the spotlight turns to Labour’s governance as they begin the implementation of their policy.

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Leaders and changemakers choose our one-to-one support

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What our clients say:

“We have been using Dods EU for a few years now and have just added UK to our Package as it has become a vital tool to help us stay on top of the political agenda on a daily basis. Compared to other similar services we used before, Dods provides a quality service with a tailor made approach, not to mention the hands-on client service that really sets Dods apart. The service is easy to use and the alerts/daily recaps are always spot on and timely.”
Mathieu Brucker

EU Government Affairs Manager
“Having a platform such as DODS which regularly keeps you updated on the most relevant changes in your chosen areas of interest, helped us to speed up the business development processes and increase our understanding of policies which are closely connected to our industry. The people behind DODS strive to give you the most crucial information so that you can focus on only the most important tasks within your organization. We’re extremely appreciative and satisfied with DODS’s service. Keep up the good work.”
Ozren Martinović

Public Affairs Advisor
“After using Dods Monitoring for nearly two years now, I can safely say that the whole team at GIE could not do without the invaluable support the service provides. Whether working in public affairs or communications, the Briefings and tailor-made research (e.g. stakeholder mapping, an updated Energy Attaches list, etc.) have become real time savers. We warmly recommend the service and have actually just renewed for another two years!”
Roxana Caliminte
Gas Infrastructure Europe
Deputy Secretary General
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