UK Risks National Security and Net Zero Ambitions Without Urgent Action on Critical Minerals

April 11, 2024

Although the UK Government is aware of the need to establish a secure supply of critical minerals to achieve its economic, net zero and defence ambitions, it will need to refine its approach to change the geopolitical status quo in the near term, writes Jack Green-Morgan, Political Consultant for Energy, Utilities and Net Zero at Dods Political Intelligence.

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Vital but Vulnerable: UK Critical Minerals Policy

April 10, 2024

Explore the UK's critical minerals policy, their importance in security and sustainability, and proposed strategies in this Dods Political Intelligence report.

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General Election 2024 | Manifesto Tracker | Dods Political Intelligence

April 9, 2024

With the General Election now happening later this year, discover what the two main political parties have set out in their manifestos. Download the Dods Political Intelligence report.

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TTC Achievements With EU-U.S. Trade And Technology Cooperation

April 8, 2024

TTC achievements of the EU-U.S. trade and tech cooperation, including progress in AI and critical materials, and efforts to shape global standards. Learn more

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Countdown to The European Elections: ALDE Manifesto and Lead Candidate

April 5, 2024

Explore ALDE's vision for Europe: democracy, economic growth, and security. Download our guide to discover key highlights from their manifesto.

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Where The Four Biggest EU Parties Stand on Energy & Climate, and Digital | Dods Political Intelligence

April 2, 2024

Explore where the four biggest EU parties stand on Energy & Climate and Digital in our latest report. Download the report for expert insights.

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Gearing up for a new government: the impact of automotive policy on the next general election

March 27, 2024

A concise state of play on key aspects of UK automotive policy, from electric vehicles to road construction and the ULEZ scheme, and analysis of how these issues might feature in the 2024 general election.

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Digitalisierung des Deutschen Gesundheitssystems

March 20, 2024

Im Frühjahr 2023 veröffentlichte Deutschland eine umfangreiche Digitalisierungsstrategie für das Gesundheitswesen und die Pflege. Kurz darauf folgten mehrere innovative Gesetzesvorhaben wie das Gesundheitsdatennutzungsgesetz (GDNG) und das Digitalgesetz, die das Gesundheitswesen zügig modernisieren sollen. Um was es sich bei den vielen legislativen Änderungen genau handelt und wie diese Deutschlands Aufholjagd mit Nachbarländern voranbringen sollen, wird in einem kurzen Blogpost und einem englischsprachigen Bericht vom deutschen Monitoringteam bei Dods diskutiert.

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