About us

We are Dods, a trusted heritage brand with a deep understanding of people, parliament and policy.

We understand your challenges,  goals and needs, and provide tailored political intelligence to shape your strategy.

We cut through the noise to deliver relevant and accessible insights on complex parliamentary issues.

How we can help you

At Dods we provide compelling insights to shape successful strategies. We serve a broad spectrum of people within policymaking and public affairs, including:

  • central and local governments and agencies
  • Parliament and devolved legislatures
  • NGOs, influencers, associations, and industries

We aim to inform, educate and advise, with impartial insights to enable debate and dialogue. With credible and authoritative insights from seasoned and well-connected political commentators, we can:

  • make complex insights relevant and accessible
  • offer clarity and transparency in a time of “fake news” and information overload
  • identify and communicate issues that matter to you
  • provide a platform to actively engage with decision-makers in a meaningful andconstructive manner
  • empower and support you to achieve your goals


Every organisation has different requirements, and our range of plans are designed to ensure you find the right one for you.


  • 13,000+ sources aggregated
  • Content tagging and categorisation
  • Collaboration tools
  • Powerful search function
  • Tailored real-time alerts


  • Dods briefings
  • Trackers and Agendas
  • 1 Policy area focus
  • Up to 2 user licences

Choose between UK and EU content


All Bronze features, plus:

  • Daily insights from policy experts, including:
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis
  • Trends
  • Breaking News


  • Basic Dods People Subscription
  • Up to 2 policy areas
  • Up to 5 user licences

Choose between UK and EU content


All Silver features, plus:

  • Dedicated policy consultant advice, tailored updates and research
  • PR Distribution channel
  • Premium Dods People Subscription
  • Up to 3 policy areas
  • Additional features as add-ons, such as multiple regions and additional policy areas

Choose between UK and EU content

Dods People

A comprehensive and up-to-date directory and stakeholder management platform of 25,000+ decision makers and influencers across the European Union and the UK. Can be licensed as a whole package or in subsets:

  • UK Political
  • UK Civil Service
  • EU Institutions
  • EU Public Affairs

Regional EU Monitoring

Real time alerts, daily updates, weekly lookaheads, trackers, sector bulletins, bespoke research


Covering French Parliament, Public Agencies, Government, NGOs, Think Tanks and Political Parties


Covering Bundestag, Bundesrat, Federal Ministries, Political Parties, Trade Associations, NGOs, Corporations

Our mission

Our mission at Dods is to connect government and stakeholders to enable an efficient and transparent dialogue. We inform, educate and advise to enable constructive debate between policymakers and stakeholders.

Dods Political Intelligence Platform Login Screen

Our history

Dods was founded almost 200 years ago, providing biographical information and contact details about MPs, peers and the civil service in the UK.

The first edition, entitled The Parliamentary Pocket Companion, was published by Charles Roger Phipps Dod in 1832. The title was changed in 1843 to The Parliamentary Companion, and we have published continuously ever since.

In 2000, we expanded our remit to include the EU, listing Members of the European Parliament, European Commissioners and key EU officials.

Today, the renamed Dods People is an online directory which continues to offer biographical and contact details. It is augmented by an insightful political intelligence service and expert consultancy:

  • With Dods Political Intelligence, we combine our 200-year heritage in political engagement with human connection and innovative technology, through our cutting-edge online political intelligence platform.
  • We also offer a consultancy service, Dods Consultancy. Subscribers benefit from exclusively tailored updates, advice and research from a dedicated policy consultant.

Our people

At Dods we cut through the noise with no bluff or bluster, offering a trusted overview of EU and UK people and policymaking.

We have an expert team of seasoned and well-connected political commentators and consultants, each with their finger on the pulse of parliament.

Nick Winning

Nick Winning

Head of Political Intelligence, UK & EU

Nick Winning is Head of Political Intelligence UK & EU at Dods. Before joining Dods in early 2021, he was a journalist for 20 years at Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, where he was a lobby correspondent from 2010-2017, and editor and press officer at the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank. Nick has extensive experience covering UK politics, economics, and foreign affairs.

Laura Hutchinson

Dean Sabri

Head of UK Political Intelligence

Dean Sabri is Head of UK Political Intelligence, focusing on health and social care policy and providing political insight to a range of sector bodies, charities and healthcare providers. Prior to joining Dods, he worked for an NHS Trust and in Parliament as a Senior Researcher focusing on health issues such as the screening age for bowel cancer. Dean also has experience in public sector procurement, having worked as a public sector analyst specialising in the health and social care sector.

Chris Ball

Chris Ball

Head of EU Political Intelligence

Christopher Ball is Head of EU Political Intelligence at Dods, focussing on Trade. During his time at Dods, he has worked on financial services, foreign affairs and the internal market. Prior to this, he worked in the European Parliament focussing on election observation.

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