EU Enlargement: From Akhalkalaki to Zaporizhzhia

Russia’s war in Ukraine has injected fresh impetus into the European Union’s enlargement efforts, providing new momentum for as many as nine countries to join over the next decade including Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, and the six countries of the Western Balkans. But while enlargement promises to boost the size of the EU’s internal market and its presence on the global stage, the accession process can be slow and arduous for candidate countries and raises significant questions for existing member states.

“Enlargement is clearly going to be a key issue for the next Commission to grapple with after the European elections in June 2024. But even before then, December’s European Council meeting will be a key moment in determining the pace and terms of this expansion.” Eleanor Doorley, Political Consultant for EU foreign affairs, development, and defence, and author of the report.

Download the Dods EU Political Intelligence report

This Dods EU Political Intelligence report provides an update on EU enlargement ahead of a key December European Council summit where leaders are due to discuss the policy, including Ukraine’s efforts to join the bloc.

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