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 EU-Western Balkans Debate Summary

On April 23, the European Parliament engaged in a pivotal debate regarding the Reform and Growth Facility for the Western Balkans. This strategic initiative is set to span from this year through to 2027, offering a combination of grants and loans designed to fortify the economic fabric of the EU’s Western Balkans partners.

The debate touched on critical issues such as aligning with the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, tackling disinformation, streamlining visa policies, and ensuring the integrity of electoral processes. The need for rapid reform implementation and enhanced transparency was also a focal point, accentuating the urgency of the EU enlargement in the face of global geopolitical shifts and recent conflicts.

The debate underscored a unified commitment to promoting socio economic development, rule of law, and democratic values in the Western Balkans, setting a clear trajectory towards EU accession.

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