TTC Achievements With EU-U.S. Trade And Technology Cooperation

TTC Achievements In A Changing World And The Future Of EU-U.S. Trade And Technology Cooperation

On 4 April, the Belgian Presidency held a high-level discussion on the “TTC achievements in a changing world and the future of EU-U.S. trade and technology cooperation’. Representatives from both sides agreed that a lot of work had been achieved during the six TTC meetings to date, such as on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and critical materials and that transatlantic relations were in a much more positive place than four years ago. That said, there was also agreement that there remained a lot of work to be done, particularly if the EU and US were to be successful in shaping standards at the global level. Please see below for a full summary of the discussion.

This report by Dods Political Consultants provides a full summary of the discussion.


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