Your Guide to the 2024 General Election

Guide to the 2024 General Election

As we inch closer to the imminent UK 2024 General Election, organisations across the country are anticipating significant shifts in legislation and policy. A clear majority from the results on July 4 will allow one party to command support in the House of Commons, opening the way for a government to be formed by the winning party’s leader.

While the UK prepares for another pivotal electoral event, our comprehensive guide has been created to offer unparalleled insights and detailed timelines to keep you informed and ahead of the curve. From understanding the intricacies of the pre-election period to the formation of select committees and the process for Private Members’ Bills, this guide is an essential resource for political stakeholders, policy experts and campaigners alike.

To get access to the definitive guide to navigating the 2024 General Election with Dods Political Intelligence, download the report below:


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