Economy & Financial Services: Comparing Manifestos

June 27, 2024

Stay informed with our detailed comparison of the main political parties' economic and financial policies. Download the report today.

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The Week in Review

June 21, 2024

And just like that, we are on to the final fortnight. This week was all about the economy, stupid. Wednesday’s inflation statistics from the ONS showed UK inflation is finally back to the two percent target, for the first time in almost three years.

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Politique énergétique en Europe : Regards croisés France-UE. Bilan 2019-2024 et perspectives post-élections européennes

June 20, 2024

Réalisé par Dods France, ce rapport examine la politique énergétique européenne à travers le prisme de la France. Il présente un récapitulatif des textes énergétiques majeurs adoptés entre 2019 et 2024 au niveau européen, suivi d'un panorama des défis à venir pour la prochaine législature, et dessine les potentielles perspectives après les élections européennes, notamment concernant l'énergie nucléaire.

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The Week in Review

June 17, 2024

This was another jam-packed week in politics, with polling day drawing ever closer. The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens, and Plaid Cymru all published their manifestos this week, with these publications dominating campaigning efforts for all listed parties. The manifestos were welcomed to varying degrees by those interested in the political sphere.

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Making the Manifestos: People, Processes, and Party Politics

June 14, 2024

With the campaigns for the 2024 General Election for each of the three major political parties well underway, the manifestos are now ready for the public to review. These will lay the foundations on which the parties hope to build their plans for running the country. Manifestos are published around three weeks before polling day, to much media attention.

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The Week in Review

June 7, 2024

Another hectic week of campaigning kicked off with Labour Leader, Keir Starmer, expressing his readiness to use nuclear weapons to defend the UK, emphasising that "security will always come first" under his leadership.

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Your Guide to the 2024 General Election

June 6, 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive guide to the imminent UK 2024 General Election. Download the guide by Dods Political Intelligence today.

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AI Seoul Summit Rundown

June 3, 2024

During the AI Seoul Summit (21-22 May), a number of major international commitments were made. This blog examines the important points from the second international AI safety summit.

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