EU 2024 Elections Package

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With the European Parliament elections just around the corner, Dods EU Political Intelligence and Dods People EU have joined forces to provide you with everything you need to prepare for the coming changes in the Brussels political scene.This comprehensive, must-have package will run from September 2023 until the formation of the new European Commission, following the 2024 election.  

What’s included: Pre-election essentials

Practical Guide to the EU Elections

All you need to know about the procedure, preparation and reorganisation of the European setting post-elections, as well as expected policy developments. Plus:

  • Pre-Election Timeline
  • Information on current MEPs’ intentions to stand again
  • Spitzenkandidaten speculation
  • Full candidate list with top candidates identified
  • Manifesto summaries
  • Pending legislative dossiers

What’s included: Post-election package

  • Election Results
  • Post-Election Timeline
  • Newly elected MEP biographies
  • Post-Election EP appointments
  • New Commission Speculation
  • Commissioner Hearings
  • New Commission Work Programme Summary

A sample of the guide:

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