AI Regulation in the UK: webinar and panel discussion

Thursday 14th September, 11am BST

How is the UK planning to tackle AI regulation, and what are the risks and rewards of its pro-innovation approach?

The UK is keen to establish itself as an AI superpower, with its vision of an AI-enabled future backed by a pro-innovation approach to regulation. With the UK set to host its first ever global summit on artificial intelligence and emphasising its freedom from EU legislative powers, our forthcoming webinar is a timely discussion of the issues surrounding AI safety and regulation. We’ll be hearing from leading AI experts in a panel discussion that will span all aspects of AI regulation in the UK. 

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UK AI regulation: topics for discussion

The UK approach to AI regulation is to create a regulatory environment where technological innovation can thrive, in order to become an AI superpower. UK regulators will need to balance this by addressing the risks posed by the development and deployment of AI, which may encompass anything from national security issues, to mental health implications.

Our far-reaching webinar will survey the landscape of AI regulation in the UK and other jurisdictions, exploring the differences in approach. We will discuss the UK’s pro-innovation stance in the context of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, and the likely consequences of the different approaches to AI regulation on the administrations that enforce them. 

The webinar will cover issues such as:

  • The biggest AI risks and rewards that the UK and other regulators must consider
  • How to achieve the right balance between AI risk and reward - how far will a pro-innovation approach benefit the economy, and what can be done to ensure transparency and balance risk?
  • A comparison of AI regulation in the UK with other major regulators, such as the EU and the US
  • The prime minister’s planned global summit on Artificial Intelligence and what is likely to be included

Our expert AI regulation panel

The panel discussion will last for approximately 1 hour, beginning with opening statements on AI regulation in the UK from each member of our panel. This will be followed by questions and answers submitted by our audience, so you will have your chance to put your questions to AI experts. 

Our guests will include:

  • Lord Clement-Jones, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI 
  • Sana Khareghani, former Head of the UK Office for AI 
  • Adriano Koshiyama, co-founder of AI start-up Holistic AI 
  • Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance and Regulatory Intervention at The Alan Turing Institute 

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